Hot water for my tumeric black pepper coffee sachet

4th August 2021

I visited a friend's cafe last week and he said, 'Jayden. How's this.' Here's what he went on to say.

He asked two ladies who had sat down at a table what he could get them. One said, 'A latte.' The other said, 'Hot water. For two.'

The hot water lady had a Gucci bag and a chihuahua. My friend didn't tell me that, but I imagine she did.

After making and delivering the orders, he watched from the bench as the Gucci lady pulled out a sachet. She poured it into her cup of boiling water.

Then, the two women talked. And talked.

After an hour, he cleaned the empty cups and the half-ripped sachet. It read, 'Coffee Sachet with MCT oil, ginseng, turmeric, black pepper.'

'The bill, thanks,' the latte woman said.

For two drinks?

'Just come to the till to pay,' he said.

At the counter, he said, '7 dollars.'

'7 dollars!' the latte woman said. 'For a latte!'

'4 for the latte. 3 yours,' he said, nodding at the Gucci woman.

'But I brought my own,' the Gucci woman pleaded. 'You can't charge for that.'

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