LaB's fun-sized book—SOLD OUT

"Make this entertaining little gem your new addiction! Jayden O’Neil has a Ph.D. in Barista. His stories about café culture are wry and insightful. I need more coffee—and counselling—after recognising myself as one of his customers."

ROS THOMAS, Author of 'Was it Something I Said?’

Dear, website visitor. Book's sold out

The book has sold out of the 3rd little print run. (So please don't press the BUY BUTTON.) It's still available at selected cafes and book stores. Check out my Instagram for these stockists. But I don't think I'm going to do another print run yet. Organising everything takes a lot of time and I'd rather spend my time writing more books. (But if you're desperate, let me know. If enough people want one, I'll do another run.) In the meantime, sign up to my email list and get my weekly digital article and doodle, as well as my monthly newsletter. Yip.

Don't let the turkeys get you down,

Jayden O'Neil, frustrated barista, writer and doodler behind Life's a Batch.

Never been so anxious about ordering coffee.

Zachery De Graaf, customer

‘This is the second-best book I've read since 'Campacino, a guidebook on how to make a semi-decent coffee whilst camping.'

SAM SMITH, cafe owner

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